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Background Information:

What can an airport guest order using DXB&more?

DXB&more will allow airport guests to order food, beverages and retail items online from participating outlets and have these collected in store. 

Can I order from all outlets at DXB through DXB&more?

Over 40 outlets across the airport are available to order from. We are constantly working on adding exciting and new products from our concession partners to the DXB&more online shopping platform

Is there a charge to use DXB&more?

A small service fee based on the total value of your purchase is applied to all DXB&more transactions.

What Health & Safety measures have been implemented to ensure customer safety when using DXB&more?

  • All DXB&more processes and staff training complies with Dubai Municipality Food Code in addition to Health & Safety guidelines pertaining to Food Handlers.

How to order using DXB&more:

How can I access DXB&more?

  • There are numerous ways of accessing DXB&more including:
    • Through the dedicated webpage at www.dxbmorestage.wpengine.com
    • Through the link on DXB WOWfi landing page.
    • By scanning any of the QR codes found throughout the airport concourses and at participating outlets.

Can I order using DXB&more before reaching the airport (pre-order)?

Pre-order is definitely something we hope to offer in the future, but at the moment we are unable to offer this function

How can I order shopping / food and drinks using DXB&more?

  • Airport guests can order retail items, food and beverages from the participating outlets within DXB.
  • Simply load up your basket and pay for your items and your order will be processed. Notifications will be sent to you during preparation to advise you for your order status.

I have a promotional discount code. How do I redeem it?

Once you have placed the order, add your discount code at checkout and this will be applied automatically to your basket.

Where can the orders be collected from?

  • Follow the instructions in the order confirmation and head to the “Order Collection Point” at the chosen store and show the order confirmation.

What Terminals / Concourses can airport guests use the DXB&more pick-up service?

At all participating DXB&more outlets across the airport.

How will I know that my DXB&more order has been accepted?

When payment has been made, you will receive an email / SMS to confirm the DXB&more order and advise of the estimated pick up time.

How can I track my DXB&more order?

You will receive a further email / SMS when your DXB&more order is ready to be picked up.

Issues with a DXB&more order:

Can someone else receive the order on my behalf?

A customer can share their order details and order confirmation with someone else in their party to collect the order on their behalf.

Who should I contact if I have feedback about DXB&more or wish to make a complaint?

If you have feedback or wish to make a complaint, please email dxbmore.help@servy.ae or fill in the feedback from available here.

I have changed my mind. How do I cancel an order?

  • If you are ordering food or drinks through DXB&more you will be unable to cancel your order as the order is prepared upon receipt.
  • Retail orders can be cancelled directly with the store at collection

Can I return / exchange my DXB&more order?

  • Food and beverage orders through DXB&more cannot be returned.
  • Retail orders can be returned in accordance with each stores’ policy.
  • For convenience we have included each retailer’s return policy here.
  • Exchanges are not possible through DXB&more. Instead, a new order should be placed, and the unwanted item returned to the stores.

What is the refund process for DXB&more orders?

  • If you want to return your retail purchase made through DXB&more, you will need to go to the store directly. Here you can organise the refund, in line with the store’s return policy.

What happens if my order is not ready or is not delivered before I am due to board? 

  • If your order is delayed and you are unable to wait, please let us know by sending your order details (Order Number, Name, Contact details) to dxbmore.help@servy.ae and we will be happy to rectify.
  • Please note that your credit card may still be charged for food & beverage orders.

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

  • If you are ordering food or drinks through DXB&more you will be unable to change your order once it has been received by the outlet. If you forgot to add something and chose to pick up your order, additional items can be added at the store.
  • In case of retail, the order can be returned in full or partially and a new order can be placed through DXB&more.

When do I get charged for my order?

  • Transactions are pre-authorised once your order is submitted and charged when your order is collected.
  • You will receive an email from DXB&more powered by Servy containing an itemised receipt once your order is picked up. Servy is the merchant of record on your credit card statement, but all merchant information is included on your receipt.

I did not receive a receipt for my order. How can I get a copy?

Please email us at dxbmore.help@servy.ae and we will be happy to send a copy.

What happens to my credit card information after the transaction has completed?

No credit card information is stored by Servy; instead it is passed on to our payment processor via dual-layered encryption. Servy maintains PCI compliance for all payments.